August 17, 2013
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I always advise young graduates that your focus after completing university should never be on money but gaining experience, trust me you have age on your side and in no time you will start earning the money.

The advantage of working as an intern or graduate trainee is that it gives you an opportunity to have one foot in the company therefore if most cases should a company have a vacancy and they advertise internally you have a better chance of being given a permanent job.

I have some of the top companies in Zambia that have asked us to find them graduate trainees, this is your chance.

Send your cv direct to my attention on email or physically bring your CV to our offices at Plot 6057 Sibweni Road, Northmead, Lusaka

My advise bring the application physically if you can, makes a huge difference.

For interest sake post on this forum if you are graduate with no experience looking for an opportunity to gain experience.

All the best to our young graduates, the aim of my foundation if to teach you to fish and get you off the street.

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